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Monster Army Truck – M35A2 Custom Bobbed Deuce w/ 5 Ton Axles

M35A2 Custom Military Bobbed Deuce4

Monster Army Truck – M35A2 Custom Bobbed Deuce w/ 5 Ton Axles

Listed is my personal M35A2 Bobbed Monster Truck. This truck has a lot of talented workmanship in it. No expense has been spared in it’s creation. The man who crafted this truck was a master welder and machinist. I bought this truck unpainted and detailed it out to my specs. the truck started life as a 1971 M35A2 Deuce. The frame was cut and the bed removed. All axles were removed and scraped. Marine Corp 5 ton axles with Detroit lockers were located and completely rebuilt. Also installed were disc brakes to smooth out and improve the stopping power which Deuces lack. Next a 5 Ton frame and springs was located and cut just after the springs. The springs were rebuilt. The frame and springs were sandblasted and rebuilt with new pads. The Deuce frame was lowered on the 5 Ton frame and axles. This gave another 81″ of lift. Multi-Fuel Turbo Whistler 6 cylinder diesel. 5 speed, manual transmission. Check out the pics closely. Call for more info.


Product Specifications:
  • 6 Cylinder Diesel
  • New Brakes
  • New Axles & Springs
Additional Images: