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M932A2 Turbo Winch Bobbed Military Truck


M932A2 Turbo Winch Bobbed Military Truck

Listed is a 1991 M932A2 Winch Tractor that has been Transformed into a Monster Pickup. This truck was rebuilt by Red River in 2010. This truck only has 900 original miles on it! Everything is new. New engine, Allison 5 speed transmission, airlines, seats, hoses, air brakes, belts, tires, new everything. Everything is brand spanking new. Starts and runs perfect period. This truck has the 8.3L Turbo Intercooled Cummins engine. the truck holds 110 gallons of fuel. 2 tanks that hold 55 gallons each. you get a lot of range with this setup.
This truck is the best of the best. This is by far the best bobed 5 Ton truck I have seen. This truck will have a nice used camo cargo cover for the bed. CTIS and ABS not working. Please email me for a lot of detailed pics.


Product Specifications:
  • All New Parts
  • 8.3L Cummins Turbo Engine
  • 2 – 55 Gallon Gas Tanks
  • Camo Cargo Cover
Additional Images: