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Military 30KW Diesel Extreme Duty EMP Proof Generator


Military 30KW Diesel Extreme Duty EMP Proof Generator

Listed is a great running and low hour 30KW Military Generator. Only 50-3,000 Original Hours. These militery EMP (electromagnetic pulse) proof generators will work for single phase or 3 phase. Simple to change. Load tested for 30 minutes and runs like a top. Drip proof generator enclosure. Capable of parallel operation. All filters and Fluids changed. I use the same generator to power my home and my shop. Can Demo! Since it is the same engine as the older Acgo Tractors, parts are easy to find, and can be found at tractor dealers all over the U.S. Filters available at CarQuest and other auto part stores. These generators are getting harder to find as the prices are rising. Get one before something happens and you need one now! That’s when you can’t find them. All military generators are built for extreme use in extreme conditions. All generators have less than 3,000 hours. Fully housed. Mounted on skid base. Lifting and tie-down attachments provided.


Product Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 80.00″L x 34.00″W x 55.00″H
  • 2850 lbs. (1293 kg)
  • Liquid cooled. 24 VDC electric start.
  • 6 cylinder / 4 cycle Diesel Engine
  • 57HP @ 1800 RPM
  • EMP Proof
  • 30 kW @ 0.8 power factor, 50/60 Hz, 120/208 V, 240/416 V
  • WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
  • OSHKOSH, M915, M916, A1, & M920
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