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M796 4 ton Bolster Trailer

Army Truck And Trailer 003

M796 4 ton Bolster Trailer

M796 4 ton Military Bolster Trailer

This is an x-military M796 4 ton Bolster Trailer. The trailer was used by the military primarily for hauling long pipe, telephone poles, long boats, they even used them to build shelters on them for the men to live in during field operations.

Many people who contact me about these trailers talk about putting a deuce cargo bed on them. I think a cargo bed with dump is a great idea. The trailer definitely has the payload to handle such ideas. The possibilities for this trailer are endless and limited only by your imagination.

The trailer has a telescoping tongue that extends the length of the trailer by 5 feet. Cargo is kept from rolling off the sides via 4 stanchions that can be fully adjusted to any position on any bolster on the trailer. When not in use, the stanchions can be removed and stowed away on the trailer out of sight and out of the way (see pics).

The unit is new. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

This trailer CANNOT be exported. Sales are to US citizens only residing in the USA. The federal government requires records to be kept of the sales/ownership of these units.


-tongue extends to various lengths making overall length anywhere between 17.5′ and 22.5′

-rated to carry 8000 lbs of cargo

-GVWR 12820 lbs-pintle hitch -air over hydraulic brakes -4 uprights (stanchions) can be moved to any position and stow away on trailer when not in use -LOTS of tie down points -on board storage boxes -landing gear adjusts up/down for easy hook-up and stows when not in use -includes spare tire

-includes stow-able loading beams -includes stow-able retaining bars -trailer equipped with parking brakes -trailer weighs app. 5000 lbs

-NSN 2330-00-089-3866

-Technical Manual # TM-9-2330-287-14


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