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600 Gal Aluminum Liquid Storage Tank


600 Gal Aluminum Liquid Storage Tank

Military Diesel Fuel Aluminum Liquid Storage Tank
A receptacle or structure of sturdy construction and of various shapes, the top of which may be open or closed, used for storage of bulk liquids such as gasoline, oil or water. The tank may be equipped with pipe fittings. Excludes tanks fabricated for use as an integral part of another system and trailer or truck mounted tanks designed for transporting liquids. Extended Range Fuel System (ERFS)   $1,800 ea

Overall Length: 4.667 ft
Overall Height: 4.135 ft
Overall Diameter: 6.000 ft
Inside Width: 12 inches nominal
Inside Length: 16 inches nominal
Shell Material: Aluminum
Assembly Method: Welded
End Shape: Convex
Accessory Components: 1 Cam Lever Control to acutate dispensing valve, 1 dip-stick-aluminum rod-calibrated in increments of 25 gallons, 1 extension rod and handle for operation of drain valve from top of tank, 4 holddown assemblies-slip type, 4 lifting rings

Assembly Form: Set-Up
Support Facility: SKID
Installation Design: Horizontal
Installation Location: Above Ground
Tank Capacity: 600 Gallons
Liquid for Which Designed: Liquid Petroleum Product
Weld Type: Butt or Lap
Shell Material Thickness: .16 Inches Nominal
End Material Thickness: .16 Inches Nominal0412121937 0412121937a